Lead water filter rebate

If the City has verified that your home has a lead water services we will replace the pipes that run from the municipal water main to your property line at no cost.

We also encourage homeowners to apply for a grant to help cover the cost of replacing the lead pipes on your property.

If you are unable to replace the pipes this year, you can install a water filtration device and/or replacement filter cartridge(s) approved to the National Sanitation Foundation standard NSF-053 to reduce lead in drinking water.

Water filters are a temporary measure to reduce lead levels in drinking water.

Rebates up to $100 for homeowners and tenants

The City of Guelph will provide each qualified homeowner or tenant with a rebate of up to $100 per calendar year based on the total amount paid.

Water Filter Rebate Application

A rebate cheque will be mailed to your attention within four weeks.

For more information

Water Services
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