Water sub-meter rebates

Find leaks, prevent floods, manage water use

Your home or building has a City-owned water meter that measures the total amount of water used on your property. The City uses that meter for billing purposes.

A water sub-meter lets you measure water consumption by the minute so you can find leaks, inefficient plumbing fixtures and other water-wasting activities. When you understand how water is being used, you can fix problems, reduce consumption and save money on your water bill.

Get a $100 rebate on a water sub-meter

If you own a property in Guelph that is connected to the municipal water supply, have a water account administered by the City of Guelph and purchase and install at least one water sub-meter you can apply for a rebate from the City of Guelph.

Your rebate will be applied to the water portion of your Guelph Hydro/Alectra bill within 10 weeks of approval.

To qualify for a rebate, sub-meters must meet or exceed American Water Works Association (AWWA) and NSF International standards (NSF/ANSI 61).

Rebates for homeowners (up to six units)

Please read the Terms and Conditions for water sub-meter rebates for homeowners before submitting your application. Rebates are limited to $100 per residential unit or household. Please complete the application form below.

Temporary/add-on meters: please attach proof of purchase (image of sales receipt).

Permanent sub-meters: please attach proof of purchase and installation (image of sales receipt and plumber’s invoice).

Apply for a residential water sub-meter rebate

Rebates for multi-residential buildings (six or more units)

Multi-residential properties must have at least seven units, each using an average of 130 m3 of water per year, and have a licensed plumber install permanent water sub-meters. Rebates are limited to $100 per residential unit up to a maximum of 100 units ($10,000). Please read the Terms and Conditions for water sub-meter rebates for multi-residential properties before submitting your application.

Complete the application form below and attach proof of purchase and installation (image of invoice and/or work order).

We will contact you within five days of receiving your application to arrange an inspection. When the inspection is complete, we will send you a rebate cheque.

Apply for multi-residential water sub-meter rebates

About water sub-meters

Most sub-meters let you monitor water use from a smartphone or computer. The City will not have access to the data from your water sub-meter. Some will shut your water off automatically if a possible leak is detected, preventing damage to your property. Talk with your insurance provider to learn about possible discounts for customers who own a water sub-meter.

Water sub-meters are available online at select hardware stores. The City of Guelph does not endorse retailers, products or services.

List of known water submeters

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