Information items for the week ending December 9, 2016


  1. None

Current Federal/Provincial Consultation

  1. Help Develop Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan
  2. Ontario Municipal Board Reform
  3. Potential Changes to the Ontario Building Code
  4. Basic Income Pilot for Ontario
  5. Proposed Bottled Water Technical Guidance Document


  1. City of Guelph re: Proposed Amendments to the Aggregate Resources and Mining Modernization Act, 2016
  2. Town of Lakeshore Resolution re: Accommodation Review Process
  3. Town of Richmond Hill Resolution re: A Bank for Everyone – Support Postal Banking
  4. Crime Stoppers, The Informant, Winter 2016-17

Boards and Committees

  1. None

Items available in the Clerk’s Office

Application for Liquor License:

  1. Samsub & Fryer, 715 Wellington Street West