Information items for the week ending November 25, 2016


  1. None

Current Federal/Provincial Consultation

  1. Climate Change Action Plan: Transportation Sector Discussion Paper on Cycling
  2. Proposed Amendments: Greenhouse Gas Cap and Trade Program
  3. Aggregate Resources and Mining Modernization Act
  4. Help Develop Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan
  5. Ontario Municipal Board Reform
  6. Potential Changes to the Ontario Building Code
  7. Basic Income Pilot for Ontario


  1. Township of McKellar Resolution – Funding for Fire Department Infrastructure
  2. Town of Pelham Resolution – Improving Ontario’s Intensive Therapy Funding/Service for Children with Autism

Boards and Committees

  1. Guelph Police Services Board Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2016
  2. Environmental Advisory Committee – Resignation from Hazel Wheeler
  3. Guelph Public Library Board – Resignation from Chantal Vallis
  4. The Elliott Board of Trustees – Resignation from Rob Jacobi

Items available in the Clerk’s Office

Application for Liquor License:

  1. Wellington County Brewery Inc., 950 Woodlawn Road West