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Guelph’s urban forest is part of our city’s infrastructure

A healthy mix of trees and plants helps Guelph withstand and recover from severe weather caused by climate change. Our urban forest helps clean the air and keep us cool; it helps us save energy and prevent flooding. Spending time in natural spaces can also improve our physical and mental health.

Taking care of City trees

The City manages thousands of trees on streets, in parks and natural areas. We inspect, prune, plant, water and preserve trees, shrubs and plants to protect and enhance Guelph’s urban forest. Together with community organizations and volunteers, we plant about 6,000 trees and shrubs a year.

We respond to about 1,200 service calls a year. We remove hazardous trees near yards, parks, trails, roads, and sidewalks. An orange ‘X’ on a tree means the tree will be removed.

We use a combination of natural regeneration and replanting to replace the trees we remove.

If we have to cut hazardous trees in natural areas, we leave them in the forest to provide wildlife habitat and nourish the soil. This approach reduces the risk of damaging other plants and soil when using heavy equipment or moving large logs.

Controlling invasive plants

The City is working to control invasive plants and encourage biodiversity in parks and natural areas. We use machines and sometimes apply registered herbicides to control invasive plants.

The City does not use pesticides or herbicides for cosmetic purposes.

Backyard Tree Planting Program

Do you want to add a new tree to your backyard? We’re working with Reep Green Solutions to plant trees in backyards at a reduced price.

The backyard tree planting program includes:

  • personalized property consultation
  • one or two native trees
  • delivery and full planting service
  • care and maintenance guide

Learn more and apply on Reep’s website

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