Navigating our future

City’s Strategic Plan

2019 to 2023

Navigating our future

Foster easy, accessible movement through trails, paths, roads and corridors to tie the community together and connect Guelph’s economy with other regions.

Build Guelph’s capacity to adopt clean and efficient technology

  • Preparing Guelph’s transportation network for autonomous vehicle technology and an increase in electric vehicles
  • Updating our transportation plans and our program and service delivery models

Provide attractive, affordable and reasonable transportation options for everyone

  • Providing affordable transit
  • Improving connections to workplaces in Guelph
  • Investing in and promoting active transportation
  • Improving the safety, efficiency and connectivity of the whole transportation system

Improve local transportation and regional transit connectivity

  • Improving transportation connectivity and safety within city limits, while advocating for better regional connectivity with public transit and rail service