Guelph Trail Master Plan

Guelph Trail Master Plan Update

The goal of the Guelph Trail Master Plan (GTMP) is to develop a cohesive city wide trail system that will connect people and places through a network that is off-road wherever possible and supported by on-road links where necessary.

Guelph Trail Master Plan Executive Summary

Guelph Trail Master Plan Acknowledgements

Guelph Trail Master Plan

Table of contents


Establishing the Need for Trails

Understanding the Resources

Planning for Trails

Building Trails

Supporting Trails

Summary of Recommendations



Study Area

Existing Off-road Trails and On-road Bicycle Routes

Major Destinations and Barriers

Trail Network

Potential Water Routes

Trail Network (On and Off-road Breakdown)

Potential On-road Cycling Linkages

Trail Implementation Priorities Short Term- Year 2005-2010

Trail Implementation Priorities Medium Term- Year 2011-2021

Trail Implementation Priorities Long Term- Year 2021 +


Unit Costs for Construction

Trail Construction Costs by Phase

Typical Off-road Trails (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)

Off-road Trail Detail-Core Urban Areas

Off-road Trail Detail – Major City Wide Destination

Off-road Trail Detail – Minor City Parks and Stormwater Management Areas

Off-road Trail Detail – Natural Area Buffer

Off-road Trail Detail – Woodlots and Conservation Areas

Off-road Trail Detail – Wetlands

Boulevard Trail

Typical Bikeway Standards

Elements of a Typical Minor Staging Area with Canoe Launch

Elements of a Typical Major Trailhead/Staging Area

Trail Access Barrier

Trail Junction

Typical Mid-Block Trail Crossing of Minor Road (Option 1)

Typical Mid-Block Trail Crossing of Minor Road (Option 2)

Typical Mid-Block Crossing of Major Road

Typical Trail Crossing of Major Road Near Intersection


Elevated Trailbeds for Tertiary Trails

Elevated Trailbeds for Primary and Secondary Trails

Rolling Grade Dip

Drainage Across Tertiary Trails

Trail Signs

Permanent Trail Closure in Naturalized Setting