Dodge Lane

Local residents call this trail Dodge Lane for the family and farm that once brought a community together.

Jean and George Dodge lived in Guelph from 1940 until their deaths in 2000 and 2015 respectively. Jean was an active volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society and St.  Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. George, besides being a part-time farmer, was a small business owner (Masson & Dodge) who moved buildings and machinery throughout Southern Ontario. For a time he was employed by the City of Guelph as a fence viewer.

In 1953, the couple purchased a farm on the lands where this sign is now erected. Jean and George quickly became active participants in the Brock Road community. In fact, friends and neighbours would often drop in to the garage at the farm for a friendly visit and to get a free repair for their broken tools and appliances.

The trail was once the lane leading from the barn to the back fields and pond. The woods through which this lane runs were used by Cub and Boy Scouts for hikes and camping. Outdoor enthusiasts used the snowmobile trails and community sports teams and church groups enjoyed corn roasts, barn dances, and sleigh rides on the property.

Dodge Lane runs from the end of Dawn Avenue, west through the Hanlon Creek Wetlands.