No. 2 Construction Battalion Trail

128 Dallan Drive

Distance to Dallan Drive: 400 metres (five-minute walk).
Distance to Courtney, Goines and Mallott Park: 600 metres (seven-minute walk).
Distance to 90 Dallan Drive: 515 metres (six-minute walk).

Points of interest nearby

  • Courtney, Goines and Mallott Park
  • Clair Park
  • Westminster Woods Park
  • St. Paul Catholic School
  • Orin Reid Park
  • Pergola Commons
  • Gosling Gardens Park

Trail rules

  • Leash your dog and clean up their poop.
  • Don’t remove plants, soil or wood.
  • No dumping.
  • No motorized vehicles.
  • Shared pathway. Cyclists must yield to pedestrians.

Recreation trail: use at your own risk. Rules enforced under the City bylaws and/or trespass to property act.

Trail information

  • Asphalt surface
  • 2.5 metres wide
  • Five percent maximum and 3.5 percent average running slope
  • Two percent maximum cross slope
  • 100 metres until the next rest area
  • No winter maintenance

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