E-scooter pilot program

The City of Guelph is participating in the Ontario Ministry of Transportation electric kick-style scooter (e-scooter) pilot to permit privately-owned e-scooters on City streets and designated multi-use paths within the city.

Guelph’s bylaws have been updated to recognize e-scooters and specific conditions have been set to ensure their safe operation in Guelph. On July 25, 2023, City Council approved E-scooter By-law (2023)-20819. The bylaw is effective July 25 and will remain in effect until the conclusion of the Province’s pilot program on January 1, 2025, or earlier if determined by the Province.

What’s an e-scooter?

An e-scooter is a vehicle that has

  • two wheels, one at the front of the e-scooter and one directly in line with the front wheel at the back
  • a standing platform between the two wheels
  • a handlebar for steering
  • a bell or horn
  • at least one light on the front of the e-scooter and one light on the back
  • a maximum wheel diameter of 430 millimeters (17 inches)
  • a maximum weight of 45 kilograms (99 pounds)
  • an electric motor that does not exceed 500 watts
  • a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour (km/h) on a level surface

E-scooters come in different styles, weights, and speed capabilities.

black e-scooter with red accents

E-scooters in Guelph

Reminders for e-scooter users

Guelph’s bylaw states that e-scooter users

  • must be 16 years of age or older
  • must always stand
  • must ride alone
  • must carry items securely in a bag, backpack or purse – your hands must be free to operate the e-scooter
  • must wear a helmet if between 16 and 18 years old · must comply with all Highway Traffic Act rules of the road when riding
  • must turn on lights on an e-scooter any time from one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunrise and at any other time when there is insufficient light
  • must adhere to speed limits and yield to pedestrians
  • are prohibited to ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Riding and parking e-scooters

  • In Guelph, e-scooters can only be used on city roadways (including bike lanes) and designated multi-use paths
  • E-scooters cannot be used on sidewalks, trails, non-designated multi-use paths, in parks, or on any City-owned properties including parking lots
  • E-scooters can be parked beside a bike rack or on the boulevard beside the sidewalk. Users must park e-scooters responsibly keeping walkways clear for pedestrians

How to report a concern

Sidewalk riding, parking and other concerns related to privately-owned e-scooters should be reported to Guelph’s Bylaw Compliance office at 519-837-2529. Alternatively, you can report problems online.