Protected Cycling Network Study

About the project

Many residents of our city want to feel more comfortable and secure when cycling in Guelph. To realize the benefits of cycling in a city, it is essential to have a connected network that can accommodate riders of all ages and abilities. In response, we are developing plans for a protected cycling network that will connect large parts of our community and help all riders feel comfortable biking along key streets in Guelph.

We want to provide attractive, affordable and reasonable transportation options for everyone. As part of this study, we are developing conceptual designs for protected cycling facilities for all ages and abilities (AAA) along three corridors:

  • Eramosa Road between Woolwich Street to Victoria Road (Study Area A)
  • Gordon Street between Waterloo Avenue to Clair Road (Study Area B)
  • College Avenue between Janefield Avenue to Dundas Lane (Study Area C)

The study objectives are to develop conceptual designs for these roads that provide safe, continuous connections for cycling and micro-mobility, such as scooters, to and from community destinations, including major transit stops.

Cycle expansion map

What is AAA?

Community engagement

Whether you bike, walk, take transit, or drive along Gordon, Eramosa and College, we need to hear from you!

We have developed and evaluated several design options for each of the study corridors. Please visit to see the designs, ask questions and provide comments. Learn how you can meet with City staff in person for a presentation and Q&A session.

Learn about upcoming engagement opportunities, provide feedback and sign up for project mailing list.

Project schedule

  • Launch the study – November 2021
  • Round 1 community engagement: Issues map and virtual questions and answers – December 2021
  • Design protected cycling solutions for each corridor – November 2021 to February 2022
  • Evaluate design options and select the preferred approach – February to May 2022
  • Round 2 community engagement: Review and comment on study findings and recommendations – July to August 2022
  • Plan for implementation – Summer 2022
  • Next steps: Detailed design and construction, subject to City of Guelph capital budget

The process and project funding

The studies for Gordon Street and College Avenue are being completed under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA; 2000, as amended) as follows:

  • Gordon Street is following the planning and design process for Schedule C projects
  • College Avenue is following the planning and design process for Schedule B projects.

At the conclusion of each study, a report documenting the study process, conceptual design, impacts, mitigation, and commitments for future work will be made available for a 30-day public review period.

A similar study process is being followed for the Eramosa Road corridor; however, there are still outstanding technical issues to resolve. For this reason, Eramosa Road will be following a different process moving forward.

Funding for this project is provided by the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) grant.

Background documents and resources

Protected Cycling Network Study: results of the first round of community engagementCycling Master Plan – Bicycle-friendly Guelph Transportation Master Plan Preferred Solution Transportation Master Plan Phase 2 Community Engagement Summary

For more information

Benita van Miltenburg
Project Manager, Sustainable Transportation
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2357
[email protected]