Mobility Services fares

Fare programs

Guelph Transit’s conventional fare structure was extended to Mobility Service passengers in January 2012. All fare programs will also be valid for use on Guelph Transit Mobility Services. This means that registered Mobility Services passengers, who are also registered with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), hold a Guelph Transit Veterans Pass, or are under five years of age, ride for free.

Mobility Services passengers can also apply for the Affordable Bus Pass Program and use this monthly pass on Mobility Services.

The City of Guelph’s Personal Assistant for Leisure Access (PAL) Card is also valid fare on Mobility Services. The PAL card is issued to the person with the disability and allows him or her to be accompanied by a friend, relative, support worker, etc., as their support person who participates as an attendant at no additional cost.

Attendants and companions

If a passenger cannot be left safely unattended on the vehicle and/or at their drop off location, they must be accompanied by an Attendant. A friend or relative who wishes to travel with a Mobility Services passenger, may do so provided a seat is available when the booking is made. Attendants and companions must pay the appropriate fare and must be able to board the vehicle without assistance from the driver.