Affordable bus pass

As a part of the City of Guelph’s subsidy program, Guelph Transit offers the affordable bus pass to help you get around Guelph using public transportation. Adults, youths and seniors living in low-income households can apply any time for a one-year pass. Affordable bus passes must be renewed each year.
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A Sliding Scale Affordable Bus Pass pilot program began April 1, 2022. Council reviewed the usage of the program and voted to extend the program permanently.

Affordable Bus Pass customers in Tiers B and C  use the pay-as-you-go fare capping program. This system lets riders load their OnYourWay fare card with as much money as they want, whenever they want; there’s no need to buy a monthly pass upfront each month. With the monthly fare cap, riders pay for the first 32 single rides in a month, then tap and ride free for the rest of the month.

Tier A customers pay $4 for the month.

Find out how to load your card with the new system.

The Affordable Bus Pass program has three-tiers which applicants qualify for based on their level of income under Low Income Cut Off (LICO). The monthly fees based on tiers are:

  • Tier A: $4
  • Tier B: $0.62 per ride, up to a maximum of $19.84 ($0.62 x 32 rides = $19.84)
  • Tier C:
    • Adults: $1.17 per ride, up to a maximum of $37.44 ($1.17 x 32 rides = $37.44)
    • Youth $1 per ride, up to a maximum of $32 ($1 x 32 rides = $32)
    • Seniors $0.96 per ride, up to a maximum of $30.72 ($0.96 x 32 rides = $30.72)

Eligibility for each tier is based on the following LICO chart:

Table 1 – Tiers by income range

Family Size Tier A Tier B Regular affordable Tier C
1 $0 to 12,651 $12,652 to 18,977 $18,978 to 25,303
2 $0 to 15,749 $15,750 to 23,623 $23,624 to 31,498
3 $0 to 19,361 $19,362 to 29,041 $29,042 to 38,723
4 $0 to 23,508 $23,509 to 35,262 $35,263 to 47,016
5 $0 to 26,661 $26,662 to 39,992 $39,993 to 53,323
6 $0 to 30,071 $30,072 to 45,106 $45,107 to 60,142
7+ $0 to 33,479 $33,480 to 50,218 $50,219 to 66,958


Frequently asked questions

Are University of Guelph students eligible for the program?

Full time University of Guelph students cannot apply because they receive a discounted pass through the U-Pass program included in their student fees.

Can affordable bus passes be used for mobility transit service?

Yes. The affordable bus pass can be used on any of Guelph Transit’s buses (convention and mobility).

Where can I get a paper subsidy application form?

Paper applications are available at the following City locations:

  • ServiceGuelph, City Hall (Note: Wait times are always shorter mid-month. Save yourself time by avoiding the end-of-month lineup.)
  • Evergreen Seniors Community Centre
  • West End Community Centre
  • Guelph Transit administration office

You can get a fare card at the same locations once you have an approval letter.

How long does it take to process an application?

Two weeks, or ten business days.

I lost my fare card. What can I do?

If you lose your OnYourWay far card, as an affordable bus pass holder, visit a City facility to get a replacement card. It will cost $5.

You can also purchase a replacement card, for $5, from a select retailer, then use the<a href=”/reducedtransitfareeligibility”> reduced Transit fare eligibility form</a>to upload government issued ID. You’ll receive an email when the account has been updated and is ready to use.

If your affordable bus pass is provided to you by a third-party organization or institution and funded for you, you will need to contact that organization to obtain a replacement card.

For more information

Agency inquiries: 519-822-1260 extension 2042
TTY (Teletype for deaf): 519-826-9771
General inquiries: 519-837-5618