Using Mobility Services

Guelph Transit Mobility Services is a shared ride service that picks up other passengers en route. Depending on the number of passengers on board the bus, travel time may last up to 60 minutes.

From your scheduled pick up time please allow a 15 minute pickup window. An example would be a 9 a.m. pickup will arrive between 9 to 9:15 a.m.

The driver will wait for you for three minutes past your scheduled pickup time. If you are not ready, the driver must leave to maintain their schedule and a cancellation will be recorded. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy.

You are asked to contact the Mobility Services dispatch office immediately, and either speak with a dispatcher or leave a message on the voicemail, if you will be delayed arriving at your pickup location.

Note: The Mobility Services bus can be delayed as a result of traffic and road conditions.

Drivers will wait up to a maximum of three minutes past the scheduled departure time before leaving.

Walkways and driveways

Walkways and driveways should be maintained (e.g. no large potholes, rocks must be level, etc.).

Ice and snow

Please remove snow and ice from your walkway and driveway. This will assist us in providing timely service in a safe and secure manner.

Seatbelts and restraint systems

Each mobility bus is equipped with seat belts and wheelchair restraint systems. For the safety of all travellers, passengers must wear seat belts and use the restraint system provided.

Wheelchairs and scooters

Mobility buses can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters up to 86.36 centimetres (34 inches) wide and no longer than 40 inches.

Wheelchair lifts/ramps can accommodate a maximum of 273 kilograms (600 pounds).

Note: Passengers using a scooter are required to transfer from the scooter to a seat in the bus. The scooter must be safely loaded and secured or it cannot be transported.

Assistance and attendants

Drivers will not enter a building past the first set of doors in the vestibule. However, our drivers will assist you from a street-level door to the vehicle. It is your responsibility to ensure that someone is available to assist you with stairs at pickup or drop-off locations.

An attendant must accompany you if you cannot be left safely unattended on the bus and/or at your pickup location. If you are registered with Guelph Transit Mobility Services, you can have an individual travel with you as an attendant (note: attendants must be older than 18 years of age). The attendant will pay the regular fare, must be able to board the bus without assistance from the driver, and get off with you at you stop.

Groceries and parcels

Passengers may carry a maximum of three bags of groceries or parcels onto the bus. The passenger must carry the bags; drivers are not required to assist with packages.


All fare programs issued by the City of Guelph, including youth, adult and senior tickets and passes, and the Affordable Bus Pass program, are valid for use on Guelph Transit Mobility Services buses. Note: For cash fares, the driver is not required to make change.

Passengers who are registered with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), or hold a Guelph Transit Veterans Pass ride for free. The City of Guelph’s Personal Assistant for Leisure Access (PAL) Card is also a valid fare on Guelph Transit Mobility Services buses.


The taxiSCRIP program provides discounted coupons for accessible vehicle service provided within Guelph city limits by participating taxi companies. To be eligible for taxiSCRIP, you must have a permanent Guelph Transit Mobility Services registration number and be registered as requiring the use of a wheelchair or scooter. You can reserve a trip directly with the taxi company.

A $40 taxiSCRIP coupon book can be purchased for $20. A maximum of two taxiSCRIP coupon books can be purchased each month. taxiSCRIP coupons do not expire. Books of taxiSCRIP coupons, bus tickets and passes can be purchased at the following locations:

  • ServiceGuelph, City Hall, 1 Carden Street
  • Guelph Transit (Administration Office), 170 Watson Road South
  • Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, 683 Woolwich Street
  • West End Community Centre, 21 Imperial Road South
  • Victoria Road Recreation Centre, 151 Victoria Road North

taxiSCRIP coupons are the property of the purchaser and are non-transferrable and non-refundable. Guelph Transit Mobility Services will not replace lost or stolen taxiSCRIP coupons.