Mobility Service rules and guidelines

Guelph Transit is committed to upholding all aspects of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Guelph Transit serves a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-linguistic city that encompasses people from every religion, race, and place of origin. Guelph Transit will ensure that every person receives equal treatment in receipt of its services without discrimination due to race, religion, place of origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or marital or family status.Guelph Transit recognizes and values the diversity of its riders and employees by striving to show everyone the respect they deserve. For more information, please contact Guelph Transit or the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Rules and regulations

Guelph Transit Operators are responsible for the operation of the bus and administering the rules and regulations that ensure a safe and comfortable ride for all passengers:

  • No food or drink is permitted on buses
  • No skis, toboggans, snowboards, wagons or bikes are permitted on buses
  • No playing radios unless using headphones
  • No swearing or use of profane or discriminatory language
  • No pets (unless in a small pet carrier) are permitted on buses. Service Animals are permitted on buses.
  • No smoking is permitted on buses or in shelters in accordance with City of Guelph by-laws
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times on the bus. Inline skates cannot be worn on the bus.

Service animals

Guide Dogs and Service Animals are permitted on Guelph Transit vehicles. When it is not readily apparent (can’t easily and clearly be seen) that an animal is a Service Animal, a letter from a physician or nurse confirming that the person requires that animal for reasons relating to their disability, must be presented to the driver when boarding a Guelph Transit vehicle. All other animals, not classified as a Guide Dog or Service Animal, must be secured in a small enclosed pet carrier that can fit between the seats.

Transportation of articles

Transportation of bulk items will be at the operator’s discretion. Passengers may bring a maximum of three bags of groceries or three parcels on the bus.  Passengers, or their attendants or companions, may carry groceries and parcels on the van, but the drivers are not required to provide assistance. Firearms, offensive or prohibited weapons, chemicals, toxic substances and flammables are not permitted on Guelph Transit vehicles. Parcels and personal items must be kept clear of the aisles.