Sorting waste for collection

Give Waste a New Life

Waste Wizard

The Waste Wizard allows you to simply type in your waste item to find out if it goes in the recycling, organics or garbage cart, or if there are any other available diversion programs.

596 KBPrint the sorting list for your home or workplace

Please don’t overstuff your waste carts

Place items loosely in waste carts, do not cram them in. Please make sure everything you put into your cart will fit with the lid closed. Overstuffed carts may not empty properly when tipped into the collection truck.

Incorrect sorting

The automated collection trucks are equipped with a camera to view waste material emptied into the appropriate compartments.  This camera enables Solid Waste Resources staff to identify improperly sorted items and provide targeted public education and follow up with homeowners or tenants, as necessary, to address any questions about Guelph’s sorting system.

Get your carts to the curb on time

All carts must be set out at the curb no earlier than 5 p.m. the night before your collection day or no later than 6:30 a.m. on your collection day. If you don’t set out your carts on time your waste might not get picked up, since our waste collection trucks start making the rounds right at 6:30 a.m.

All carts must be removed from the curb by 7 p.m. on your collection day. This includes any waste not picked up due to compliance issues with the Waste Management By-law.

To learn more, check out the steps for taking your carts to the curb.

Please don’t park your car in front of waste carts

When parking your car on the street, please do not park in front of waste carts. A waste collection truck cannot pick up carts with its automatic arm if cars are in the way.

Where does my waste go?

Green cart organic waste

Green cart organic waste is processed at the Guelph Organic Waste Processing Facility (OWPF) where it is made into nutrient-rich compost. It is then sold to gardening companies, landscapers and greenhouses.

Blue cart recyclables

Blue cart recyclables are sorted at the Guelph Material Recovery Facility then baled and sold to processing mills to make into new things.

Grey cart garbage

Grey cart garbage is compacted and transported to a landfill in Ontario and shipped to an Energy from Waste Facility.

For more information

Solid Waste Resources
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