Donate plastic bags and reusable shopping bags

Several local not-for-profit organizations are accepting donations of plastic bags and reusable shopping bags. The bags will be available for community members in need, who may use them for shopping needs or for garbage bin liners.

Some businesses may have extra stock of plastic shopping bags that may not be used before the ban takes effect on January 1, 2023. We encourage local businesses to donate extra plastic shopping bags so they can be used by the community at least once before they need to be disposed.

Please contact the not-for-profit organization before you drop off the bags to confirm donation instructions and to make sure the organization is accepting bags.

Before you donate reusable bags, please follow these steps:

  1. Remove all items from inside the bags, including receipts and personal belongings.
  2. Wash your bags (in a washing machine or by hand).
  3. Tumble dry bags on low heat or hang to dry. Ensure bags are completely dry before donating to prevent mold.
  4. Inspect bags for any damage. Do not donate bags with broken handles, ripped seams, or large holes.

You can donate plastic bags and/or reusable shopping bags at any of these organizations in Guelph.

Not-for-profit organization Address Contact Information Type of bag
Guelph Food Bank 100 Crimea Street 519-767-1380 Plastic bags
Reusable bags
Royal City Mission 50 Quebec Street 519-837-3777 Plastic bags
Reusable bags
University of Guelph Bag Bank 50 Stone Road East [email protected] Reusable bags
Hope House 10 Cork Street East 519-265-4299 Reusable bags
Chalmers Community Services Centre 41 Macdonell Street 519-822-8778 Plastic bags
Reusable bags
Michael House 187 Bristol Street 519-766-7675 Plastic bags (small quantities only)
Reusable bags
New Life Church – Clothing Closet 400 Victoria Road North 519-823-5851 Reusable bags
Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis 38 Elizabeth Street 519-836-1110 Plastic bags
Reusable bags (new reusable bags only)
Guelph Central Student Association (CSA) Food Bank 50 Stone Road East 519-824-4120 extension 52561 Plastic bags only (must email for an appointment)
Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition – North End Harvest Market 140 Waverly Drive 519-835-1016 Reusable bags