Waste cart orders, repairs, and exchanges

Broken carts or latches

You can pick up a replacement latch for free at:

If your cart is damaged please contact us with your address, and we’ll repair or replace the cart for free. If possible, please provide the serial number, located on the side of the damaged cart.

Brand new homes

The City provides free waste collection carts for all newly-built homes. Please contact us to order a green cart for organics (there is only one size), and choose the size of your blue recycling cart, and your grey garbage cart.

Choose the size of your blue and grey carts

Most households choose the extra-large blue cart and the large grey cart.

Green cart only

Small waste cart: Depth - 55cm/22in, width - 41cm/16in, height - 87cm/34in

Holds 80 litres/21 gallons


Large cart: depth - 70cm/28in, width - 62cm/25in, height - 110cm/43in

Holds 240 litres/64 gallons

Extra large

Extra large cart: depth - 87cm/34in, width - 64cm/25in, height - 113cm/45in

Holds 360 litres/95 gallons

When your carts arrive

The carts may not be brand new, but they will be clean and ready to use. Please use a permanent marker to write your address in the space provided on the side of each cart.

Find a spot to store the carts on your property, away from the road and boulevard.

The carts belong to the City of Guelph and are registered to your address. If you move, please leave the carts behind for the next home owner.

Buy more blue or grey carts

  • Large (240 litres/64 gallons): $90
  • Extra-large (360 litres/95 gallons): $101

Purchase of additional carts subject to approval. Price includes delivery and is non-refundable. The carts belong to the City of Guelph. Please contact us to arrange for credit card payment.

Exchange your cart

If you purchased your home less than three months ago and you want to change the size of the blue or grey cart, please contact us and we will exchange the carts for free.

Otherwise, please purchase a cart exchange ticket. The $35 fee for each cart covers the cost of delivery and cleaning. Carts in working order that are dirty, dented or scratched will not be replaced or exchanged. You can purchase a cart exchange ticket at:

To arrange a cart exchange

Please contact us with the serial number of the cart you want to exchange, and we will submit a work order to be completed within 10 business days from the date the order is placed.

During those 10 business days, we will deliver the size you ordered. Please leave your empty cart(s) at the front of your home, away from the curb, visible from the street, and ideally accessible from the sidewalk. Please do not have any impediments to accessing the carts, i.e. parked vehicles, fences, enclosures, carports, etc.

Downtown waste collection

Downtown businesses and homes are encouraged to obtain and use a set of green, blue, and grey carts. Alternately, where this is not possible, public space containers are permitted to be used if waste is correctly sorted and does not fill or overfill the containers. Please visit the downtown waste collection page to learn more.

The City is not currently providing waste collection services to any new businesses as the service is under review as part of the Solid Waste Management Master Plan.

For more information

Solid Waste Resources
TTY: 519-826-9771
[email protected]