Greywater and rainwater system providers

Greywater reuse systems

All-season rainwater harvesting systems

Seasonal rainwater harvesting systems, cisterns

The City of Guelph:

  • does not endorse any retailer or their products, services or prices;
  • has not confirmed that these retailers carry products that qualify for a rebate through our Program;
  • systems may need to be adjusted to comply with local building code. This should be verified with City of Guelph’s Building Services;
  • has not confirmed the location of these retailers or verified that these retailers would provide their products or services in Guelph;
  • has not confirmed the quality of the products or services of these retailers;
  • reserves the right to amend or remove this list at any time, without notice.

Please contact us if your company installs rainwater or greywater systems for customers in Guelph, Ontario.

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