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A birds-eye view of Downtown Guelph on a sunny day. The image showcases the Church of Our Lady, downtown businesses and the landscape of Guelph in the distance.

Revitalizing our downtown

The Downtown Renewal Office leads and supports the revitalization and development of Guelph’s historic downtown core.

Over the past decade, revitalization of our Downtown has been a resounding success. Our community’s efforts have renewed the places and spaces in our downtown core, attracted new businesses and residents, and supported innovative projects. The result? An energetic, vibrant urban neighbourhood with unique shops and restaurants, award-winning community spaces, and numerous events that offer something for everyone.

A prosperous Downtown contributes to the local economy, generating annual tax revenue that helps the City budget projects that contribute to quality of life for people throughout the city: parks, community spaces, infrastructure, and more. A strong Downtown is also desirable for new businesses that are considering locating anywhere in Guelph, bringing new jobs and opportunities.

Downtown Guelph is one of several focused, inter-connected Economic Development strategies across all of Guelph that are contributing to a strong economy and inviting city for visitors and residents from across the city.

For more information on Guelph’s downtown revitalization, please contact us.

Christine Chapman
Manager, Economic Development
[email protected]
519-822-1260 extension 2823

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