Grass maintenance

The Grass Maintenance Tracker tool gives you two pieces of information:

  1. When the grass was last cut in a park;
  2. The general service standards for cutting

To view the last cut date, search for your park in the upper left search bar or navigate to it on the map. Then click on the part of the park that you’re curious about i.e. the baseball diamond in Exhibition Park. A box will pop up and you click on “See Maintenance History.” Scroll to the bottom of that list for the most recent cut date.

The City of Guelph’s current grass cutting standards are 10 business days for parkland and 15 business days for boulevards.

Please note that this is a brand new tool and we will continue to be testing the data. We appreciate your patience as the tool is rolled out and we welcome your feedback on ways it can be improved. To share technical feedback, please email [email protected]. For feedback about the grass, please email [email protected] or call 519-837-5626.