Using Guelph Transit’s farebox

Paying with cash

Insert coins one at a time in the coin slot until $3.25 is reached or insert a bill into the bill acceptor. The farebox does not accept pennies or other invalid money. As you deposit money into the farebox the screen will display the accepted amount. Note: the farebox will not return change if you insert more fare than is required. If you require a transfer, request a paper transfer from the transit operator.

Using a paper transfer

Check the expiry time on your transfer to make sure it’s still valid. Hold the bar code facedown to the scanner on the bottom right corner of the farebox.

OnYourWay farebox messages

Here’s what you’ll see on the farebox:

Pass type Display
Valid monthly pass Expiration date and checkmark: green screen. If tapped again within 5-minutes the red screen will appear with “Passback” on the screen to indicate a valid transaction.
Stored value Green screen showing the balance of the cash.

If there is insufficient funds it will show a red screen with ‘insufficient funds’.

Fare Cap: Green screen showing the last day of the month. This signifies that you have reached the fare cap, and you ride free until the end of the month.

Transfer Transfer.
Cash Counts cash and when the fare is paid in full, Welcome.

If the farebox loses network connection it will default to the welcome screen when accepting fares for that period of time. The farebox will store the data during the lost network connection period, and then report it once it regains a connection.

Paying for other passengers

Everyone needs their own card. You cannot pay for others using your OnYourWay Fare card or the OnYourWay app. Paying cash is the only way to pay for others.