Load your OnYourWay fare card

Reload your OnYourWay fare card

Guelph Transit fare products can be added to your OnYourWay fare card online or in person at a City facility or select retailer. When you get your card at a City facility or retailer, you must make a transaction (e.g. purchase rides/monthly pass or add a dollar value to the card). We do not hand out cards with no value on them.

Add the following fare products individually or in combination:

  • Stored rides: Works like tickets, but great for occasional trips while offering a cost savings over the cash fare.
  • Stored dollar value: Works the same as a cash fare. Loading a stored dollar value on a card is the same as putting cash/money in the farebox. If an OnYourWay fare card, holding only a stored dollar value, is tapped on the farebox it will deduct a $3 fare.
  • Monthly Pass: Load a monthly pass onto your card for unlimited trips. Monthly passes are valid for one calendar month (e.g. January 1 to 31). Note: Day passes cannot be loaded on a reloadable fare card.

When you add a monthly pass to your card, you can take unlimited trips for as long as the pass is valid. Currently, within the online portal, you can load your next month’s pass, or you can add an auto-reload functionality to your account.

Multiple fare products

When you have more than one fare product on your OnYourWay fare card, payment is taken from a transfer first, followed by monthly pass, rides and finally stored dollar value.

Each time you tap your card, the system deducts the least expensive, applicable fare from the balance stored on your card.