Use your OnYourWay fare card

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Tap and go

Where to tap

Tap your fare card on the farebox when you board the bus.

How to tap

Hold your fare card flat to the blue and white target (image of hand holding a card) until you hear a ding and see the valid fare message highlighted in green.

Note: You cannot cancel a fare payment once you have tapped the farebox. Make sure you tap only once and keep your card with you as it is your proof of purchase to ride the bus.

Tips for tapping your card

  • Take the card out of your wallet. If it’s next to other smart cards, they may interfere with the signal.
  • Hold the card right against the scanner.
  • Don’t pull your card away too quickly. You’ll see the message ‘OK’ along with the remaining balance if your payment is valid.
  • Since the passes are valid for a date interval a passback time is set on the fare so you can’t use it over and over on the same bus. If you try, a passback message will show.
  • If the card account doesn’t have funds the farebox will show the ‘Insufficient Funds’ messages.
  • Wait for the previous transaction to clear. The display screen will read Guelph Transit when it is ready to accept the next transaction.
  • If you want to pay for more than one rider, tap the card again. This option is not currently accepted if you only have a monthly pass loaded on your card.


A 60-minute transfer is automatically activated on your card when paying with a monthly pass or stored ride/dollar value. No additional fare will be deducted from your card if you tap again within that 60-minute period.

If you pay cash, you will need to request a paper transfer from the transit operator. Paper transfers state the expiry date and time.