Register your OnYourWay fare card

We encourage you to register your Adult OnYourWay fare card.

Reduced fare cards are registered at the time they are issued at a City facility.

Create a personal online account

Providing you the freedom and convenience to manage your fare card.

  • check your balance and transactions
  • save payment information to make reloading fast
  • set up auto reload
  • block your own card if it is lost or stolen

Registration benefit

Balance protection. If your card is ever lost or stolen, any fare loaded on it can be protected once it is reported and the card is blocked. The fare balance can be transferred to a new card. A $5 card fee applies to replace your fare card.

Cards not registered cannot be replaced or deactivated.

How to register

  • In person at a City facility
  • Register online. Select the Manage Cards tab, then select the Register Card tab, complete the required fields, review and agree to the terms of Collection of Personal Information, and save your submission.

You can add and register more than one card to an account. For example, you can manage your family’s reloadable cards under one account.

Registration and personal information

Registering your card requires you to give us some personal information such as your name, phone number and email address. Guelph Transit does not use, report or publish personal information linked to boarding data, except to provide you with your transaction history as specified above. Boarding data will only be made available in an anonymized and aggregate form (amassed data stripped of personal information) for study by Guelph Transit and the City of Guelph to better understand, plan and forecast ridership volumes and transit service.

You have the option to remain anonymous and not provide personal information by obtaining an Adult fare card and not registering it.