Connect-to-GO fare discount program

Guelph Transit fares are free when connecting to and from the GO Transit train. To get your ride for free, link your OnYourWay and PRESTO accounts. This will enroll you in the Connect-to-GO (co-fare) discount program.

The co-fare program is only available for the GO Train and does not apply to the GO Bus.

Tap your PRESTO-linked OnYourWay fare card when you get on the bus. Then, tap it again on one of two co-fare validator machines at Guelph Central station.

How to link your transit accounts

Before using the validator machine, first you’ll need to link your accounts. Do so by enrolling in the co-fare discount program.

To enrol:

  1. Access the Reduced Transit Fare Eligibility portal.
  2. Add your name, email address and full mailing address
  3. Upload images of:
    • Your registered OnYourWay fare card showing the card number
    • Your PRESTO card showing the account number

Once Guelph Transit staff confirm your enrolment, they will notify you by email.

How does it work

  • Ride a Guelph Transit bus to Guelph Central Station. Tap your OnYourWay card when you get on the bus. When you get off the bus, tap your OnYourWay card on the co-fare validator at Guelph Central Station. Continue your trip using the GO Train.
  • Ride the GO Train to Guelph Central Station. When you get off the train, tap your OnYourWay card on the co-fare validator at Guelph Central Station. Continue your trip using Guelph Transit. Tap your OnYourWay card when you board Guelph Transit.
  • Ensure your two trips are within 40 minutes of each other. This is the time between tapping off the train and boarding Guelph Transit, or the other way around.
  • Ensure you are not using a “Default Trip” for your GO Train ride. Guelph Transit needs your tap time to confirm your free fare.

Once you’ve tapped your OnYourWay card on both machines, you will get a refund of the fare.

Frequently asked questions

Where are the validators located?

Onyourway co-fare validator sign with a yellow arrow.
There are two validators, one beside the Guelph Central Station building and one along the train platform, beside the fare vending machines. Follow the two directional signs along the Guelph Transit platforms to help you locate the validators.

I see a correction on my OnYourWay account, what does this mean?

If you tapped your card on the bus and on the co-fare validator, but did not take a GO Train trip, we will reverse the refund on your account.

My OnYourWay card is not registered, do I still qualify?

Yes. Request to link your OnYourWay fare card and PRESTO card through our Reduced Transit Fare Eligibility portal. Once you complete this process, you will have successfully registered your OnYourWay fare card. Guelph Transit staff will notify you by email once your enrolment is confirmed.

Why did I not receive a refund for my trip?

Please forward your OnYourWay card number to [email protected]. Include the date and time of the trip. Guelph Transit staff will investigate the transaction and get back to you.

I replaced my OnYourWay fare card is my PRESTO card still linked?

Yes. When you replace your OnYourWay fare card using the Reduced Transit Fare Eligibility portal, your PRESTO card stays linked to your account.

For more information

TTY: 519-826-9771
[email protected]