Kids Ride Free on Guelph Transit

Children aged five to 12 can ride Guelph Transit for free with a registered OnYourWay fare card. To take part in the program, get a child fare card for $5.

About the program

The Kids Ride Free program began as a one-year pilot and was made permanent by Council in April 2023 due to the success of the pilot. Children aged four and under can continue to ride on Guelph Transit buses for free without a fare card.

How to get a fare card

Visit ServiceGuelph or Guelph Transit

Get a card and have it registered at ServiceGuelph, located at City Hall at 1 Carden Street, or at Guelph Transit’s administration office at 170 Watson Road South on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bring government-issued identification and we’ll help you register the card.

Visit a select retailer

Get a blank OnYourWay fare card at select retailers. Upload your child’s government-issued identification.

We can mail it to you

Call our office to pay the $5 OnYourWay card fee and fill out an online form to have a fare card mailed to you. You must provide your name, contact information and upload your proof of eligibility with government-issued identification. We’ll mail you the pre-registered fare card, ready to use!

Frequently asked questions

What do you do with your existing card?

If you have saved your youth card and have a balance on the card, there is an option to transfer the balance to another card (any category). For assistance with a balance transfer please visit Service Guelph, Guelph Transit, or email [email protected].

If my child is under five, do they need a fare card?

Children under 5, remain free and do not require a farecard.

For more information

[email protected]