Day passes

Are you going to make several trips in one day? Are you taking your family or a friend on the bus this weekend? A Day Pass provides unlimited one-day travel on Guelph Transit and is valid for groups on Saturdays and Sundays!

Instructions for use

A Single Pass is valid for one person

  • The Day Pass can bus used as a Single Pass on any day throughout the year.
  • Saturday to Sunday: All day

A Family or Group Pass is valid for up to five people

  • Saturday and Sunday – from the start of service to completion of that day’s service.

Groups can be made up of:

  • One adult and up to four youths, 17 years of age or under, or
  • Two adults and up to three youths, 17 years of age or under, or
  • Two adults.

To validate on the day of use, scratch off the month and day on which the pass will be used. Print the month and day in ink in the space provided on the pass. The pass is void if more than one day is scratched.


The Day Pass is valid on all regular Guelph Transit routes within the City of Guelph on the date shown on the pass. The pass, along with proof of age, must be submitted for inspection upon request. The pass may be confiscated for misuse. The pass is not transferable or refundable.