Stormwater service fees, credits and rebates

Guelph’s stormwater fee helps pay for critical upgrades that help our community prepare for, and recover from, more severe and frequent storms.

The fee is calculated by measuring the hard surfaces that cause rain and melted snow to runoff into the City’s storm sewer system – roofs, driveways, and parking lots etc.

The average amount of hard surfaces on residential properties in Guelph is 188 square metres. We call that Guelph’s Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) and we use it to calculate monthly stormwater fees for all properties.

  • All residential property owners and tenants who pay electricity, water, and wastewater bills pay the same monthly stormwater fee.
  • Owners of multi-residential properties are billed based on the number of units in the building.
  • Fees for businesses depend on the amount of hard surfaces on their property compared to an average residential property.

The City’s stormwater, water and wastewater charges appear on your electricity bill, but they are not connected to electricity usage or rates.

Stormwater rebates for homes

Rebates for residential rainwater systems

Guelph offers a one-time rebate when a residential property owner who installs a rainwater harvesting system.

Rain barrel discounts

It’s not a rebate but we do sell discounted rain barrels to help you save water, save money, and reduce stormwater runoff.

Rain garden rebates up to $2000

Guelph’s pilot rain garden rebate program, in partnership with Reep Green Solutions, offers up to $2,000 to Guelph residents who install a rain garden this year (2019).

Multi-residential stormwater credit

Owners of multi-residential buildings with six units or more may be eligible for a stormwater fee credit.

Stormwater fees and credits for businesses

Because industrial, commercial and institutional properties typically have more hard surfaces that cause stormwater runoff, they pay a fee based on the actual amount of hard surfaces on their property, divided by Guelph’s Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) of 188 square metres, and then multiplied by the monthly stormwater rate.

For example, here’s the calculation for a business property with 750 square metres of hard surface:

750 square metres/188 square metres = 4 ERUs
Stormwater rate x 4 ERUs = monthly payment

Stormwater credits for business

The City offers stormwater fee credits to industrial, commercial, institutional properties, businesses and multi-residential properties with at least six units.

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