Make the Right Call – when to call 911

When to call 911

Imagine you or a loved one is having a medical emergency. You call 911 but because of the volume of non-emergency calls being received, it will take longer for paramedics to get to you. No one should ever experience this. Use 911 for emergencies only.

When someone calls 911 for a medical emergency, Guelph-Wellington paramedics assess, may treat, and may transport patients via ambulance to a hospital emergency department.

Make the right call

If there’s an emergency or life-threatening situation don’t hesitate call 911 and Guelph-Wellington Paramedic Service will respond.

If it’s not an emergency don’t call 911, call 211 instead. By calling 911 in a non-emergency situation you could be taking emergency resources from someone in need. Make the Right Call.

Life threatening emergency care

If you or a loved one experiences a life-threatening situation such as, shortness of breath, chest pain or signs of a stroke call 911 immediately.

Non-emergency health care

You won’t skip the line or be seen faster by a medical team at the hospital if you call 911 and arrive by balance for a non-emergency concerns.

If your situation is not a medical emergency call the 211 Ontario helpline or use other health services such as walk-in clinics or book a doctor’s appointment.

211 Ontario quickly and confidentially connects people to social services and community programs across the province to learn more visit

Make the right call, it can save a life.