Educational ambulance visits

GWEMS attendant posing in front of charts at a career fair

We are committed to teaching our community about paramedic services and what to do in an emergency so they know what to do if they need to call us one day.

Request an ambulance visit by submitting the form below. We will be able to schedule a visit without problem if you have submitted this form within 30 days of the date requested.

We are willing to attend:

  • Career days
  • Civic group gatherings
  • Community events
  • Life learning organizations (Boy Scouts, Girl Guides)
  • School events
  • Safety fairs

We will not attend:

  • Birthday parties
  • Store sales and grand
  • Neighbourhood street parties
  • Daycares/preschools under 5 years of age
  • Small community barbecues

We expect one adult for every five children. We recommend a maximum group of 30 people and a minimum of 10 participants.

We are committed to educate during your visit, please refrain from bringing food or drink around our equipment and ambulance.

The nature of our job requires us to be healthy, people who are sick or who have a compromised immune system should refrain from participating.

Request an ambulance visit