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361 Whitelaw Road

October 9, 2018

File number OZS18-005 A revised Official Plan and Zoning By-law application has been submitted to permit a residential development containing approximately 700 units. The northerly portion of the site, closest to Paisley Road, is proposed to be High Density Residential, with 4 apartment buildings, 8-9 storeys in height, containing up to 492 residential units. The middle portion of the site is proposed to contain 2 six storey apartment buildings containing 80 residential units total, together with 128 stacked, back-to-back townhouses. Three accesses to the site are proposed, 2 from Whitelaw Road and a new access from Paisley Road on the north end of the site. The south end of the site is proposed to be a neighbourhood scale park approximately 1.4 hectares in size. Notice… Continue reading 361 Whitelaw Road

300 Water Street

February 6, 2018

File Numbers: ZC1712 and OP1707 The subject property is currently designated “Open Space and Park” with a “Natural Areas” overlay.  The purpose of the Official Plan Amendment is to re-designate the property to the “Low Density Residential” land use designation with a site-specific policy.  The subject property is currently zoned “Urban Reserve” (UR), according to Zoning By-law (1995)-14864, as amended.  The purpose of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment is to change the zoning from the “Urban Reserve” (UR) zone to a “Residential Single Detached” (R.1C) zone and to a “Specialized Residential On-Street Townhouse” (R.3B-?) zone. Notice of Public Meeting – May 2018 Public Notice Complete Application – February 2018 Public Meeting Report – May 2018 Notice of Revised Submission – July 2019 Second Application Materials… Continue reading 300 Water Street

388 Arkell Road

October 10, 2017

Files: OP1705 and ZC1708 The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment is to permit the development of a secondary school on the subject property. Complete applications have been received by the City of Guelph to amend the City’s Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw for the property municipally known as 388 Arkell Road in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act, as amended. The applications were received by the City on August 28, 2017 and deemed to be complete on September 21, 2017. 388 Arkell Road Public Meeting Council Report Related Documents For more information Lindsay Sulatycki 519-822-1260 extension 3313  

1300 Gordon Street

August 31, 2017

File number ZC1707 and OP1704 The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment is to designate the site to High Density Residential and increase the density from the allowable 100 units per hectare to 132 units per hectare. The purpose of the proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment is to rezone the subject site from the current R.1B (Residential Single Detached) Zone to R.4A-? (Residential Apartment) with special regulations to permit the development of a 6 storey residential building containing a total of 32 apartment units. Revised Submission 2019 Notice of Revised Application – June 2019 Site Plan Axonometric Views Basement Plan Building Section Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management – May 2019 Gordon St & South Elevations Ground Floor Plan Landscaped Roof Plan North & West Elevations Response… Continue reading 1300 Gordon Street

75 Dublin Street North

September 29, 2016

 2016 City Initiated Zoning and Official Plan Amendments for 75 Dublin Street North A complete application has been received to amend the Official Plan for the lands municipally known as 75 Dublin Street North. The subject property is currently designated “Mixed Use 2” in the Downtown Secondary Plan. The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment is to permit a maximum building height of five (5) storeys whereas a maximum building height of four (4) storeys is currently permitted for the subject property. File number OP1706 Notice of Public Meeting – February 27, 2018 Public Meeting Council Report – February 27, 2018   Letter from applicant requesting additional OPA provisions – March 13, 2018 Notice of Revised Application and Decision Meeting – April 18, 2018… Continue reading 75 Dublin Street North