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233-237 Janefield Avenue

An Official Plan amendment is proposed to permit a high density apartment with a density of 168 units per hectare.  A zoning bylaw amendment is proposed from the existing R.4A-1 (Specialized Apartment Residential) Zone and SC.1-4 (Specialized Service Commercial) Zone to a R.4B-? (Specialized High Density Apartment) Zone to permit a 12 storey apartment building with 185 apartment units.

Paisley/Imperial Mixed Use Node

The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment application is to increase the overall permitted GFA in the Paisley/Imperial Node by 4,400 m2 from 52,600 m2 to 57,000 m2. The purpose of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment application is to increase the permitted GFA on the property municipally known as 963 to 1045 Paisley Road from 20,851m2 to 25,251 m2. If approved, the applications will allow for the development of the remaining phase of the West Hills Plaza (963 to 1045 Paisley Road).

1229 Victoria Road South

The purpose of the proposed Official Plan and amend the land use designation of a portion of the subject lands from the current “General Residential” designation to the “Neighbourhood Commercial” designation. The purpose of the Zoning By-law Amendment is to rezone the subject site from the current “A” (Agricultural) Zone under the former Township of Puslinch Zoning By-law to a specialized R.4A (General Apartment) Zone for the residential block, and the NC (Neighbourhood Commercial) zone for the commercial block.

635 Woodlawn Road East

Proposed Official Plan Amendment to allow an apartment block development with an increased density and to redesignate a block of land for commercial mixed use development. Draft Plan of Subdivision that will include a total of 279 dwelling units (single detached, townhouse and apartment dwellings), a commercial/office/residential development, parks and open space and a community garden. Zoning Amendment to rezone the subject lands to permit the above described proposed land uses.

115 Watson Rd N

Proposed modification of the existing zoning regulations to permit a revised development scheme with a greater floor area for the proposed mixed-use commercial project.