Guelph Transit Future Ready Action Plan

The Guelph Transit Future Ready Action Plan delivers a more competitive, convenient and reliable transit system that meets the community’s needs today and beyond, over the next decade. It moves us closer to meeting goals set out in the City’s Strategic Plan by improving connectivity of the whole transportation system—making it easy for people to travel within city limits.

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In 2019, City Council directed staff to complete a route review as a part of the Guelph Transit Business Service Review recommendations in 2019. Guelph Transit started with a look at individual routes and frequency to meet current and future customer needs, and to identify opportunities to move from its current system that requires customers to transfer buses at a central hub to a more grid-like system with direct routes.

The route review used data collection (e.g. ridership and stop activity data, and route-by-route on-time performance), industry best practices and employee and public input to create a ten-year plan that will see yearly changes until fully integrated by 2032.

On November 15, 2021, Council approved the Guelph Transit Future Ready Action Plan, a blended model of transit hubs, express routes and routes that follow the city’s spine in a grid pattern as well as outer perimeter. It’s designed to get people where they want to go with more route types (e.g. core, base, university express, on-demand and industrial express), faster travel times, frequent service and service reliability.

Community engagement

In June 2021, the community was asked to participate in online engagement activities to provide their feedback on the draft route review. Residents could view the interactive map, explore route by route, year by year, watch a video presentation, ask questions and take an online survey.

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In January 2023, transit users and the broader community were invited to attend open houses and participate in online engagements to have their say on the future of Route 19.

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