Advertise with Guelph Transit

Guelph Transit is in the business of moving people—residents, employees and visitors—across the city. Let your ad placement do the talking. Become a part of everyday routines with our highly visible advertising spaces. These options offer optimal exposure while blending into the lives of daily drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Benefits of advertising with Guelph Transit:

  • Access to a curated selection of advertising opportunities throughout the city that will help your business reach a more diverse, relevant demographic.
  • Take advantage of subtle but highly visible locations to seamlessly mesh your brand with the daily lives of Guelphites.
  • Partnering with Guelph Transit will strengthen your business’s presence, helping build your brand, achieve your business goals and support your local community.

Central Station display board

Eyes on the prize, extend your storefront by advertising on our Transit Boards at the central bus station, in downtown Guelph. Marketing in the heart of our city optimizes the reach of your business by making it visible to the crowds of daily travelers.

Bus shelter wrap

Create Curb appeal, by advertising on our bus shelters. Advertising on Guelph Transit bus shelters increases exposure of your business in locations near your storefront. Or alternatively, gives you the opportunity to draw customers in from further away, as your ads will be seen by potential customers from across the city. Our shelters are situated in prime locations throughout Guelph so your business is always front of mind.

Audio Messages (NEW)

Let your ad speak for itself, have your business heard! By sponsoring a stop message, our audio announcements will notify passengers about your business at your preferred stops. This is a great add on option to a shelter wrap to draw more attention to your business.

Sponsor Guelph Transit fares for a special event

You can sponsor free Guelph Transit rides for the community during special events. These partnerships help promote taking public transit and provide unique advertising opportunities to promote your business.

Let’s do this! Expand your reach with Guelph Transit.

Work with the Guelph Transit team today and advertise your business across the Royal City!

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The statements and opinions expressed in advertisements on Guelph Transit buses are solely those of the advertisers and not of or endorsed by the City. City of Guelph Advertising Acceptability Policy