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Guelph Transit is in the business of moving people—residents, employees and visitors—across the city. Through advertising, we can connect you with our customers. Really, it’s the perfect choice to reach your target market, build your brand and achieve your business goals.

Available locations

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The options

Display board

In the heart of Guelph’s downtown, this is a high pedestrian area where people connect with Guelph Transit, GO Transit, Greyhound and VIA Rail. Our highly visible display boards are an excellent way to promote your business or upcoming event with transit users.

Bus stop

Build year-round brand awareness and create a legacy for your business by advertising at bus stops along Guelph’s most popular and highly used transit routes. See your company’s brand at the stop and hear your company’s name announced every time the bus pulls up to the stop.

Bus shelter wrap

Our bus shelters are well suited for unique and eye-catching ad wrap designs. Advertise in front of your business, along a busy transit route or at Guelph Central Station—reaching both pedestrians and motorists.

Let’s do this! Expand your reach with Guelph Transit.

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Buses (interior and exterior) and shelters

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The statements and opinions expressed in advertisements on Guelph Transit buses are solely those of the advertisers and not of or endorsed by the City.

City of Guelph Advertising Acceptability Policy