Street tree ownership

The City started its tree inventory project in 2014 to better understand the number, health, species and ownership of the City’s trees, and to assist the Parks Operations and Forestry division in managing and budgeting for its year-round tree maintenance program.

The tree inventory has revealed that there are 39,786 street trees in Guelph. There are three types of street tree ownership: privately owned, shared (boundary), or City owned.

Do you own a street tree?

Guelph residents can find out the ownership status of a street tree at their address by clicking on the interactive map.

By typing in your street address, or clicking on a dot (representing a street tree) on the map, you can learn the tree ownership status, species, size and condition.

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Frequently asked questions

If you believe the City has incorrectly classified a street tree, fill out the online form, email the City at or call 519-822-1260.

If the tree trunk is completely on your property, it belongs to you. In Guelph, there are about 10,841 privately-owned street trees.

For privately-owned trees, regardless of who planted the tree, the property owner is responsible for maintenance to ensure the health and safety of the tree. However, the City has a right to trim or cut trees on private property that pose a risk to the safety of people using the road or sidewalks

It should be noted that some privately-owned street trees on residential lots over 0.5 acres in size are regulated by Guelph’s Tree Bylaw.

If you are concerned about the health and/or safety of your privately-owned street tree, you may wish to contact a local arborist.

There are 10,387 street trees that are shared between the City and property owner.

A shared or boundary tree is when the property line intersects with the main trunk of the tree. Legally, there is shared ownership and responsibility. However, in practice, the City has shouldered the maintenance burden of shared trees. Should you require tree maintenance, please submit an online service request by clicking on the ‘How can we help you?’ button on

The City owns 16,579 street trees.

If the tree trunk is completely on the City side of the property line, it belongs to the City. The City’s Parks Operations and Forestry division provides ongoing tree maintenance. This includes pruning, inspections, preservation, and fertilization to ensure that the trees are safe and healthy.

Should you require tree maintenance, please submit an online service request by clicking on the ‘How can we help you?’ button on

There are about 1,979 street trees in Guelph that are pending ownership status and an estimated 5,000 trees that need to be inventoried. These trees should be inventoried by late-2017.

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Guelph is working to maximize the health and size of its urban forest, and is committed to having the highest tree canopy among comparable municipalities. To succeed, the City, residents, businesses and community groups must work together to help manage Guelph’s urban forest.


If you still have questions about street tree ownership or the tree inventory project, please email or call 519-822-1260.