One Canopy strategy

One Canopy is a strategy that aims to increase tree planting efforts across the community using a mix of public and private land to achieve 40 percent canopy cover in Guelph.

Guelph’s Official Plan requires doubling our current tree canopy in 10 years. In 2019, we completed the Urban Forest Study that provided a detailed picture of Guelph’s entire urban forest including current conditions and opportunity for growth. The study showed that area available on City-owned land suitable for planting trees was not enough to meet Guelph’s canopy cover goals. It also showed that the City’s current planting efforts are not enough to achieve our targets.

To meet our community goal, we’re going to need to incentive everyone – homeowners, developers, landowners and businesses – to plant trees across the city.

Have your say on how we inspire One Canopy

Between February 1-22 residents shared stories and testimonials on current planting efforts privately or with the City, barriers they saw to equitable canopy cover and what role they could see theselves, businesses, developers and neighbours playing in planting efforts on public and private land.

Take an online survey or pin a location for planting

An online survey was available at increase.

Read the One Canopy Engagement Summary

Take a walk

Do you need help to visualize positive change to urban forest expansion? We’ve put together examples of parks, natural spaces and developments that host healthy urban forests and demonstrate sustainable forest management in Guelph. Take a walk and share your experiences of what you see at


Read the Urban Forest Management Plan

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