Request a tree

You can ask us to plant a free tree on City owned property in front of your home or business.

Planting is seasonal, and it can take up to 18 months for us to order and plant your requested tree.

When we receive your request, we will visit the property to see which tree species is best suited for the location.

We consider tree height and width, growing space requirements, soil and moisture and distance from overhead wires, driveways, sidewalks or buildings. Learn more about site requirements:

Available trees

Common name Native to Ontario Size Urban Tolerance Fall colours
Basswood Yes Large Moderate No
Coffeetree, Kentucky Yes Large High Yes
Ginkgo, Autumn Gold No Medium High Yes
Ginkgo, Maidenhair No Large High Yes
Ginkgo, Princeton Sentry No Medium High Yes
Hackberry, Common Yes Medium High Yes
Honey Locust, Skyline No Medium High Yes
Ironwood Yes Medium Moderate Yes
Lilac, Ivory No Small Moderate No
Linden, Corinthian No Medium High Yes
Linden, Greenspire No Medium High Yes
Maple, Autumn Blaze No Large Moderate Yes
Maple, Black Yes Large Moderate Yes
Maple, Endowment No Large Moderate Yes
Maple, Freeman’s No Large Moderate Yes
Maple, Green Column No Large High Yes
Maple, Legacy No Large Moderate Yes
Maple, Red Yes Large Low Yes
Maple, Sugar Yes Large Low Yes
Oak, Bur Yes Large High Yes
Oak, Red Yes Large High Yes
Oak, White Yes Large High Yes
Planetree, Bloodgood No Large High No
Planetree, Exclamation No Large High No
Redbud, Eastern Yes Medium Moderate No
Serviceberry, Allegheny Yes Small Moderate Yes
Serviceberry, Downey Yes Small Moderate Yes
Tree, Tulip No Large Low Yes