Community stewardship

Urban forests and community stewardship

As part of Guelph’s One Canopy Tree Planting Strategy and alongside goals in our Urban Forest Plan and Natural Heritage Action Plan, we’re committed to increasing the number of trees in Guelph, the health of our forests and ecosystems, and engagement with the community to achieve these goals.

We currently work with community partners to plant approximately 20,000 native trees and shrubs in parks, public spaces and natural areas each year! We get this done with the help of thousands of community volunteers that work directly with us and our community partner organizations.

Get involved in stewardship!

Park Stewards

Join your neighbours and help year-round to care for natural (or “wild”) areas in parks city-wide, including planting trees and caring for native plants, assisting with invasive species management and helping to keep these areas litter free.

Tree planting

Follow the City of Guelph on Facebook and Twitter along with other local nature-based community organizations on social media for upcoming events, or contact us at [email protected].

Community orchards

Community garden projects can include fruit trees and shrubs, and volunteers are always welcome!

Guelph’s Mini Forest Project