Fire inspection and enforcement

File search and sale of property inspection

The Guelph Fire Department provides a file search for any outstanding Ontario Fire Code violations against a property. To request a file search we require written authorization from the current owner giving us permission to conduct the search. Also available are sale of property inspections for Ontario Fire Code violations.

Fire Code inspection request/complaint

The Guelph Fire Department is mandated to respond to requests/complaints about fire safety concerns by way of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

The fire department’s fire prevention officers can only enforce violations found under the Ontario Fire Code and any fire safety issues posing immediate threats to life. These violations include items such as maintenance of fire safety systems, smoke alarms, blocked exits, breaches in fire separations or missing fire separations, missing or broken fire doors, severe electrical problems, improperly used or stored flammable liquids or gases, unsafe accumulation of combustible materials etc. If in doubt, please contact us for clarification.

When filing your complaint, consider the following:

  • Provide the address of the complaint and any contact information you may have for the owner. While we may have access to City records for the owners’ mailing address, it does not provide phone numbers or other contact information.
  • While we do accept anonymous complaints, it is helpful when you provide contact information for yourself. Our Inspectors may need to contact you for more specific information or for access into the building.
  • If you have a concern about the building that you are living in, please contact us right away. Do not wait until landlord/tenant issues arise. Your safety is our main concern.
  • We will not be able to provide you with a letter or copy of the inspection order issued to the owner. This information can only be shared with the registered owner of the property.
  • If you have issues with the building such as broken windows, appliances or services (water, gas, etc.) that don’t work, leaking roofs etc., those will be addressed through the City of Guelph Property Standards Division.
  • As Assistants to the Fire Marshal of Ontario, Fire Inspectors have the right of entry at any reasonable time without warrant for the purpose of inspection. We are not bound by the Landlord Tenant Act requirement of advance notice to enter. While we may make every effort to provide notice, it may not always be possible. Unless we require specific assistance, the property owner or manager will not enter with us, but will only allow us access.
  • In most cases, the property owner will be given a reasonable amount of time to comply with any orders. Any issues that affect immediate life safety will need to be addressed immediately (i.e. lack of working smoke alarms, fire alarm or sprinkler systems not functioning, exits blocked, etc.)

Disabling a smoke alarm is an offence under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. The property owner may have signed documentation from you that a working smoke alarm was installed when you moved into the home. If the smoke alarm has been disabled or intentionally damaged, you may be held accountable.

For property standards complaints, please call 519-837-5615 extension 2526 or [email protected]

Facility/business emergency contact form

On any given day, the Guelph Fire Department responds to emergency and non-emergency incidents at local businesses. These incidents vary from fire alarm and/or sprinkler activations to a working fire or hazardous situation.

To assist us in our emergency response, we ask that all facilities and businesses fill out the emergency contact form, which provides us with a contact person’s name, phone number and other information specific to the facility or business.

It is important this information is updated regularly so that the record we have on file is current.

Facility Contact information update