Fire Department services

Fire services within the City of Guelph are provided by the Guelph Fire Department.  The provision of service is designed to meet the needs and circumstances of the community as approved by Council.  Emergency Services also provides fire protection services to 11,000 Township of Guelph-Eramosa residents.  Fire services activities are carried out under the authority of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

Fire suppression

Fire Suppression is staffed 24 hours per day by fully trained firefighters who:

  • Respond and extinguish all fires of various magnitudes where reported and warranted: structure fires, kitchen fires, grass fires, illegal burning, car fires, explosions, equipment fires
  • Perform automobile and equipment extrication: car accidents involving trapped persons, industrial accidents involving trapped persons
  • Give medical assistance: first aid, CPR, provide oxygen, ambulance assistance, assist in transport of casualties
  • Are efficient and effective in: water and ice rescue, confined space rescue, hazardous materials control, carbon monoxide detection, in-service fire safety inspections, Fire Department tours to all groups and ages, CPR training, investigation of various unknown yet potentially dangerous situations, (natural gas odours, explosion sounds, liquid and gas leaks, unknown situations)
Emergency 911 – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Emergency Services provides emergency service for you and your family. Call us at 911 and we’ll be there.

Update facility/business emergency contact information

On any given day, Guelph Fire Department responds to many emergency and non-emergency type incidents at local businesses. This could range from fire alarm and/or sprinkler activations to actual fire or other hazardous incidents. One of the many things the department depends on when responding to an emergency incident, especially after business hours, is who we can contact to gain access and/or seek pertinent information from. Therefore, it is very important that the contact information we have on record is current.

Update facility contact information

In the community

ESL Fire Tour

Fire Safety Education for English as a second language groups.

Fire High school co-op program

High school coop program

fire - Neighbourhood Group

Neighbourhood group involvement

fire - truck on display

Showing the kids the truck

Sparky - smoke detectors

Sparky educating about smoke detectors

sparky public activities

Sparky hanging out with some friends

Fire safety trailer

Fire safety trailer at a community event

kids On Fire truck

Kids riding the antique fire truck

sparky At Event

Sparky with some kids outside the fire station.

fire food collection

Firefighters and the community collecting food

fire - Public education

Public education starts at an early age