2020 Phase 2 Emergency Fund recipients

Organization/Group/Individual How funds will be used Emergency Fund amount
10C Shared Space Funding will create 10C Virtual Community, an online platform with locally relevant social, environmental and impact-focused content. $5,500.00
Brain Injury Association Waterloo-Wellington Funds will support Brain Connect; an individualized support program to help those living with brain injuries adapt to the use of assistive technology. $10,000.00
Career Education Council Guelph Wellington Dufferin Funding will support a transition of resources to virtual, with a focus on creating awareness of local career opportunities, workplace readiness and wellness training. $6,000.00
Children’s Foundation Funding will provide nutritious food delivery to students at home; providing grocery and gift card for families at Christmas and offer counseling for youth. $10,000.00
Focus on Nature Funding will support an online nature photography program consisting of 20 short video lessons with worksheets, photo challenges and extension activities in both English and French. $13,000.00
Guelph Chamber of Commerce Funding will allow to securely collect accurate records electronically from businesses allowing to effectively (target) relief and program communications to businesses and other support organizations. $6,000.00
Guelph Dance Funding will be utilized for The Welcome Project and Imprint which seek to engage community members with dance artists in creative and meaningful ways that foster connectivity, support and resilience. $4,500.00
Guelph Film Festival Funding will support the transition to an online festival which will offer new ways to engage with audiences and include our community partners through product and service tie-ins. $7,500.00
Guelph Little Theatre Funding will allow the organization to offer programs and projects online and reduce fees for in-person workshops while adhering to COVID-19 protocols. $7,500.00
Guelph Rugby Football Club Funding will be used to purchase additional equipment, supplies and PPE allowing for supplementary small group training. $3,500.00
Guelph Soccer Funding will support the development of a low cost neighbourhood soccer program. $6,000.00
Guelph Spoken Word Funding will maintain regular monthly events and expand offerings to include programming designed to help the community adapt and grow during the COVID-19 pandemic. $7,500.00
Guelph Symphony Orchestra Funding will support the Symphonic Amplification Lab; a free and interactive online program highlighting diverse artists, fun basics of conducting and music’s link to dance and art. $6,000.00
Guelph Tool Library Funding will support 500 contact-free tool deliveries and 40 free program memberships. $3,000.00
Guelph Youth Singers Funds will support an outreach program for singers to collaborate with marginalized youth through singing and song-writing and the production of recorded performances. $5,000.00
HIV/AIDS Resources and Community Health (ARCH) Funding will be utilized for an Emergency Financial Assistance Program for individuals living with and at risk of HIV experiencing income insecurity. $5,000.00
Hopewell Children’s Homes Inc. Funding will provide an onsite infection and prevention program for individuals with developmental disabilities and allow for the purchase of equipment and disinfectant friendly furnishings. $4,500.00
March of Dimes Canada Funding will support the paring of a student with a stroke survivor to work together virtually on a goal or to improve/learn a new skill. $4,500.00
Nightingale Centre for Grieving Children Funding will allow for on-line counselling support to children, adolescents and grieving parents and training to professionals and organizations working with grieving children. $10,000.00
Rainbow Chorus Waterloo Wellington Funding will support outdoor, socially distanced opportunities to sing and offer online music theory classes and coaching. $2,000.00
The Guelph Enabling Garden Funding will support the employment of two Horticultural Therapy interns to promote computer literacy in order to reduce isolation, promote mental health and wellness among seniors. $5,000.00
The Julien Project Funding will support the delivery of Horticultural Therapy programs to support women and children, develop on-line clinical webinars and an expansion of the Greening Schools program. $5,000.00
Up and Running Guelph Funding will support the development of new physically distanced walking and running programs in response to the increased need in the community. $8,000.00
West Village Community Development Co-operative  Funding will support customizing of food boxes and delivery for those in need in the community. $5,000.00