2021 Phase 3 Emergency Fund recipients

Organization, group or individual How funds will be used Emergency Fund amount received
Art Not Shame Funding will support the creation of a community-engaged mural involving 150 individuals across the City $7,500
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph The funds will allow virtual mentoring programs to expand while building capacity to return to in-person programming. $10,000
Chalmers Community Services Funding will provide support to people experiencing food insecurity as a result of the pandemic. $20,000
Church of the Apostles (Kitchen Bees Project) Funding will support three programs to provide basic needs to people experiencing homelessness. $20,000
Cinthuja Leon Funding will support continued programming and training on diversity to partnered organizations. $5,000
Ed Video Media Arts Centre Funding will be used to enhance technology used for outdoor and pandemic-safe community events and activities. $10,000
Everdale Farm The funds will allow the organization to upgrade capacity to continue to provide fresh food to over 2500 people. $10,500
Family & Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington (ACEs Coalition) Funding will provide resources, tools and learning opportunities for the Adverse Childhood Experiences Coalition to help build children’s resilience. $12,500
Focus on Nature Funding will support virtual programming and older youth to explore nature through photography. $15,000
Guelph and District Multicultural Festival Inc. Funding will be used to enhance the multicultural festival in 2022 either virtually or in-person. $5,000
Guelph Arts Council Funds will allow the Guelph Arts Council to engage in a strategic planning process to emerge successfully from the pandemic. $10,000
Guelph Black Heritage Society Funding will support the development of educational resources on Black culture, and antiracism. $20,000
Guelph Chamber Choir The funds will allow for a “Side-by-Side” performance with regional choirs and offering both in-person and virtual attendance. $7,200
Guelph Coalition for Active Transportation Funding will support an app for high school students to safely navigate the city through active transportation. $5,000
Guelph Dance Funding will be used to enhance capacity to run simultaneous in-person and virtual programs. $15,000
Guelph Giants Special Needs Hockey Funding will support training for coaches, equipment, and ice time for skill and team development. $7,500
Guelph Jazz Festival Funding will provide staff support to present multiple neighbourhood concerts across the City. $15,000
Guelph Little Theatre The funds will allow for improved technology and capacity to return to safe in-person performances. $6,000
Guelph Tool Library Funding will be used to increase access to the tool library and in-person programming. $12,500
Hillside Community Festival of Guelph Funding will support Hillside Inside returning to in-person programming alongside free access to online offerings. $20,000
Hospice Wellington Funding will support virtual programming for caregivers and bereaved family members. $5,000
Jobs.Opportunities.Enterprise (J.O.E.) Funding will be used to support collaborators for online engagement to increase self-confidence and skills for adults with developmental disabilities. $14,100
Lakeside Hope House Funding will provide nutritional supplements to support people experiencing homelessness that have lost the ability to eat solid foods due to oral health. $6,000
Michael House Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Funding will allow for additional supports for clients and staff dealing with increased complexity of issues due to pandemic. $13,600
PIN -The People Information Network The funds will be used to build and expand youth volunteer programming to support youth affected by the pandemic. $19,972
Royal City Mission Funding will support basic needs, food, and drop-in space for those experiencing homelessness. $20,000
Sanguen Health Centre Funding will allow the organization to expand services to new neighbourhoods while increasing access to supports and basic supplies. $9,100
The Guelph Enabling Garden Funding will support access to gardening opportunities and virtual horticultural therapy programming. $5,000
West Village Community Development Cooperative Inc Funds will be used to secure support for community garden near high density housing for people to grow their own vegetables. $15,000
YMCA of Three Rivers Funding will support pilot drop-in programming for LGBTQ youth in Guelph. $10,000

Total amount: $351,472