2021 Phase 2 Emergency Fund recipients

Organization, group or individual How funds will be used Emergency Fund amount received
Brain Injury Association Waterloo-Wellington Funding will allow the organization, along with other agencies to adapt programs to support victims of violence. $10,000
Child Witness Centre Funding will support rental costs associated with the extension of remote witness testimonies. $2,500
Community of Hearts Lifelong Learning Centre Funding will allow for small group and one-on-one programs, both in-person and virtual, to help clients develop skills and remain engaged in their community. $12,000
Guelph Chamber Choir Funding will be used for the expansion of accessible programming, hiring of a digital marketing specialist and design and produce pop-up banners. $15,200
Guelph Community Singers Funding will allow for online sessions and the release of recorded video at future events or via social media. $5,000
Guelph Dance Funding will allow for a video series presenting 10 short dance films highlighting new creations local artists $20,000
Guelph Film Festival Funding will be used to support online access to films and potential in-person screenings. $7,000
Guelph Rugby Football Club Funding will be used to subsides membership fees for youth members and offset the cost of storing extra COVID-19 equipment. $3,500
Guelph Spoken Word Funding will be used to maintain and adapt events to include programming designed to help the community connect, heal and grow during the pandemic. $15,000
Guelph Symphony Orchestra Funding will be used to convert the youth and community outreach programs into a hybrid of engaging and interactive online activities and short socially-distanced, outdoor concerts. $8,000
Guelph Wellington Seniors Association Funding will allow the Seniors Community Food Market to offer 54 “farmers market” style markets at six subsidized housing locations across the city. $20,000
Guelph and District Multicultural Festival Inc. (GDMF) Funding will allow for virtual pre-recorded and live performances showcasing various cultural performers, musical bands, vendors, and community organizations. $8,500
Lakeside HOPE House Funding will allow for the expansion of the weekly meal program to four times a week. $5,000
Start2Finish Canada Funding will support the Running & Reading Club+, addressing the urgent COVID-related need for mental health, physical activity, learning and mentoring and support for marginalized children in Guelph. $18,000
The Consciousness Project Funding will towards an outdoor program that combines the act of walking, positive affirmations and meditation. $4,000
The Groves Hubs Funding will support the need to provide drop-in mental health support at the Guelph location of the YMCA of Three Rivers. $10,000
The Guelph Humane Society Funding will support families experiencing crisis with pet boarding support and subsidized services for the financially marginalized. $5,000
eMERGE Guelph Funding will be support digital content comparing individual carbon footprints to motivate action using emission calculators, photos and videos. $10,000

Total amount: $178,700