Development Charges


Before houses, apartments, stores, offices, and industrial parks are built, they need infrastructure to support them. Development charges are one of the City’s primary revenue sources to build the infrastructure needed to support new housing and business development.

A summary of development charges is available as a video:

Development charges update

Guelph is updating its development charges bylaw under the authority of the Development Charges Act, 1997. The City’s current bylaw will expire on March 2, 2024. A Development Charges Background Study has been completed and approved as required, and new bylaws have been adopted and will come into effect March 2, 2024.

How we fund our infrastructure helps shape how we build our community. That’s why we released the preliminary draft Development Charge Background Study in July 2023 and the revised Development Charge Background Study for the public meeting in October 2023.

Learn more about the background study.

Treasurer’s statements

Treasurer’s Statement 2022

Treasurer’s Statement 2021Treasurer’s Statement 2020Treasurer’s Statement 2019Treasurer’s Statement 2018

Related policies

Development Charge Exemption Policy
Development Charge Interest Policy

The Development Charge Interest Policy applies for any site plan applications that have their development charge rate linked to a site plan application dated earlier than April 1, 2022. For site plan applications made on that date and after, the interest rate prescribed by the Development Charge Act, as amended by the More Homes, Build Faster Act, applies.

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