2022 and 2023 City budget: Navigating our future

Navigating our Future

Learn more about Navigating our future in the City’s Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan priorities, performance indicators and initiatives

  • Build Guelph’s capacity to adopt clean and efficient technology
  • Provide attractive, affordable and reasonable transportation options for everyone
  • Improve local transportation and regional transit connectivity

View performance indicators and initiatives in the Guelph Future Ready Progress Report

Departments and programs

2022 and 2023 approved budget highlights

  • Investment in Transit Services through the expansion of transit mobility services with new bus in 2022 and related driver in 2023, digital signage and associated operating budget, transit fleet electrification and route charging infrastructure as well as the addition of an electronic fare management specialist in 2023 to leverage the value of the transit fare system.
  • Implementation of red-light cameras and automated speed enforcement requiring two transportation engineering positions to manage and analyze the results of this program in 2023.
  • Maintaining winter control standards in a growing road network with the purchase of a new tandem salter/sander in 2022 with related 1.5 driver position in 2023 (operating impact is reflected in Building our Future).
  • A focus on road reconstruction and replacement in accordance with asset management planning.
  • Maintaining facility renewal and replacement in Parking Services; tax supported transfer to balance parking financial model was adjusted by Council to $1.0 million through increasing parking fees beyond those proposed by staff to address inflationary pressures.
  • Implementation of the Cycling Master Plan and Active Transportation Network capital funding investment was approved as identified on the Strategic Investment Priority Summary.
  • Downtown Infrastructure Renewal Program planning with streetscaping upgrades pending review of Urban Design Guidelines and integrated project plan. Capital funding increase planned for 2024 and beyond as included on the Strategic Investment Priority Summary.
  • Transit Route Review and associated capital and operating impacts were approved as outlined on the Strategic Investment Priority Summary.
  • Emerging Transportation Technology Office was not approved as included on the Strategic Investment Priority Summary.

2024 to 2031 budget forecast highlights

  • Continued capital replacement and renewal plans for all transportation assets including roads, buses, and parking facilities.
  • Furthering the implementation of the Transit Route Review, Cycling Maser Plan, Active Transportation Plan, pending Council approval of funding.
  • New parkade in downtown in 2030 pending updated Downtown Parking Master Plan.
  • Continued investment in Transit Services with the new Operations Hub Transit Facility in 2025 to support the fleet electrification and potential service expansion, and investment in digital and customer service modernization with one position in 2024 and two in 2025 (electronic fare coordinator, intelligent transportation specialist and a customer service supervisor).
  • Implementation of growing multi-modal transportation network in accordance with the updated Transportation Master Plan.
  • Continuing to plan for city contributions for inter-regional, two-way all day GO services.