2022 and 2023 City budget: Powering our future

Powering our Future

Learn more about Powering our future in the City’s Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan priorities, performance indicators and initiatives

  • Accelerate Guelph’s innovation economy through partnerships
  • Help businesses to succeed and add value to the community
  • Support businesses as they adapt to changing workforce needs

View performance indicators and initiatives in the Guelph Future Ready Progress Report

Departments and programs

2022 and 2023 approved budget highlights

  • Enhancing actions in implementing an equity, diversity and inclusion lens in City service delivery and program offerings and Indigenous relations efforts as a result of the two in-year Council-approved positions.
  • One-time reserve funding to support the update of the Community and Strategic Plan with a new Council in 2023.
  • The continuation of the successful Seasonal Patio Program through the use of reserve funding.
  • A permanent redevelopment incentive base budget reduction of $2 million (leaving $1.2 million for current obligations and active incentive programs) with the intent to utilize the expected proceeds from the sale Hanlon Creek Business Park land for future Community Investment programs and the implementation of the Economic Development and Tourism Strategy.
  • Continuation of the Smart Cities Office—Circular Food Economy program, funded from federal and provincial grants until 2025.
  • A focus on building back many of the Culture programs after two years of COVID-19 impacts.
  • Capital plan investment for the continuation of the City’s fibre network that will enable digital transformation and smart tech investments.
  • Investment in the increased activation of the Guelph Farmers’ Market was approved
  • Small Business Servicing Agreements were not approved as listed on the Strategic Investment Priority Summary.

2024 to 2031 budget forecast highlights

  • Continuation of critical asset management capital investment, and the implementation of the Economic Development and Tourism Strategy including an Economic Development coordinator position in 2025. While this is not currently included in the budget, staff will be considering the addition of a municipal accommodation tax to support tourism growth
  • Continued focus on applying the lens of equity, diversity and inclusion on City programming

Local Boards and Shared Services budgets

  • Downtown Guelph Business Association