Link your OnYourWay and PRESTO accounts to enjoy a free trip when riding Guelph Transit and the GO

Program starts August 8

Guelph, Ont., July 27, 2023 – Starting August 8, Guelph Transit fares when connecting to and from GO Transit will be free. Simply link your OnYourWay and PRESTO accounts to enrol in the Connect-to-GO co-fare discount program.

Once the new co-fare program begins, Guelph Transit will no longer accept PRESTO cards to ride city buses. Instead, tap your PRESTO-linked OnYourWay fare card when you get on the bus, then tap it again on one of two co-fare validator machines when you hop off at Guelph Central Station to refund your bus fare.

Coming into Guelph on the GO train? Simply tap your OnYourWay fare card on a validator as you get off the train before boarding a Guelph Transit bus. As you board the bus, tap your OnYourWay fare card again and enjoy a free ride to your destination.

The validators are conveniently located near the PRESTO machines by the railway tracks and Guelph Central Station building so you can quickly and easily tap your OnYourWay and PRESTO cards at the same time.

The Guelph Transit and Metrolinx co-fare discount program doesn’t include GO Transit bus trips and can only be activated during GO Transit train arrival and departure times.

How to link your transit accounts

Before using the validator for the first time, you’ll need to link your accounts by enrolling in the co-fare discount program.

  1. Access the Reduced Transit Fare Eligibility portal at
  2. Add your name, email address, and full mailing address and upload images of:
  • Your OnYourWay fare card showing the card number
  • Your PRESTO card showing the account number

Guelph Transit staff will notify you by email once your enrolment is confirmed.

About the co-fare discount program

The co-fare discount program is a long-standing joint initiative between Guelph Transit and Metrolinx. The program lets you ride Guelph Transit for free instead of paying the regular fare when travelling to and from Guelph Central Station to catch a GO train.

For more information

Dawn Johnson, Electronic Fare Management System Specialist
Guelph Transit
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 3531
[email protected]