City of Guelph is revolutionizing road safety with new Vision Zero tools

Unveils new Vision Zero Collision Dashboard, Key Actions and interactive Storymap 

Guelph, Ont., February 22, 2024 – The City of Guelph is taking a leap forward in road safety with the launch of the Vision Zero Collision Dashboard, Key Actions, and Storymap. These comprehensive, interactive and data-driven platforms are designed to enhance transparency, and engagement, and inform on the City’s initiatives to improve road safety across Guelph. 

The Vision Zero Collision Dashboard offers a comparative analysis of traffic collision data within the city over a six-year period. Through intuitive visualizations and detailed maps, residents, policymakers, and researchers can gain a comprehensive understanding of traffic incidents, contributing factors, and hotspots. 

Key features of the Vision Zero Collision Dashboard include: 

  • Collision data summary 
  • Comparative analysis of collision trends over time 
  • Identification of high-risk areas and intersections 
  • Interactive map 
  • User-friendly and accessible interface 

Similarly, the Key Actions platform offers insights into the infrastructure solutions the City is using to prioritize pedestrian and cyclist safety while reducing traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries in Guelph. The platform also offers live locations of these assets across the city. 

In addition to the Collision Dashboard and Key Actions, the City introduces the Vision Zero Storymap—a compelling narrative that introduces the city to Vision Zero by going beyond statistics to tell the stories of the communal impacts of traffic collisions, which in fact amounted $460 million in societal cost in Guelph between 2018-2022. By humanizing the data, the Storymap aims to foster empathy and inspire collective action toward safer streets. Each statistic highlighted tells the story of the human impact of aggressive driving, sparking a feeling that demands drivers’ behaviour change and safer roads to prevent fatal collisions. 

Nico Koenig, the City’s Transportation Safety Specialist, expresses enthusiasm about the City’s new road safety innovations. “We are thrilled to introduce our new Vision Zero tools. We aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of collisions in Guelph, by allowing people an opportunity to understand the data and specific trends”.  

“We are working hard to reduce the number and severity of traffic-related injuries and fatalities in Guelph. Transparency is key to our approach, as we are committed to sharing the data and explaining how evidence-based decisions guide our actions. We are confident we can create a transportation system that prioritizes safety and a livable City through Vision Zero”, finished Koenig. 

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