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Have your say on Guelph’s budget

The online tool is designed to help the City understand what services and projects are most important to the community, and help citizens understand some of the challenges involved in creating a municipal budget.

2015 budget highlights

On March 26, 2015, City Council approved a $207 million operating budget and a $52 million capital budget for 2015. This represents a 3.55 per cent tax increase over 2014.

Controlling compensation costs

Find current, accurate information about employee compensation at the City of Guelph, and a few of the steps the City is taking to manage these costs as part of Guelph’s Financial Strategy.

Development Charges Background Study

To ensure Guelph’s updated DC rates reflect the population forecasted in Ontario’s Places to Grow Act—43,000 new residents and 32,000 new jobs by the year 2031—the City conducted a background study including a peer review by two individuals selected by the development community with expertise in growth and demographic forecasting, and engineering.